EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


The Core Model - Getting to Business While Making Friends

A workshop by Martha Lyngnes and Ida Aalen

The core model lets you work on what’s most important to both the organization and its users. Even stakeholders that have little knowledge of the Web or content strategy can be involved, without creating those dangerous, detailed wireframes, texts, or sketches too early in the process. It is a practical workshop technique that helps you answer questions like: How will users find this content? What content elements are necessary, if both we and our users are to reach our objectives? Where do we want to send users after they’ve solved their primary task?

This workshop will introduce you to the core model, and how you can use it to identify user needs and business goals. We’ll discuss structuring content with the core model and how to combine the core model with a content-first approach and sound information architecture. We’ll also talk about applying the core model to the writing process and how to use the core model to generate ideas.

Session takeaways: in this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to use the core model within your team or with your client, to ensure content that fulfills both user needs and business goals;
  • How to use the the core model to come up with ideas, map and prioritize content;
  • How the core model can be combined with the principles of a content-first and mobile-first approach.
Martha Lyngnes and Ida Aalen

Martha Lyngnes

Martha Lyngnes is a senior interaction designer at Netlife Research, a user experience consultancy in Oslo, Norway. She is part of a multidisciplinary design team, working on anything from defining business goals, researching user needs and creating prototypes. She has a masters degree in industrial design, and has held her current position at Netlife Research for more than 8 years.

Ida Aalen

Ida Aalen is a senior interaction designer at Netlife Research, where she has worked since 2010. Ida is involved in user research, interaction design, and concept development, in which she considers content to be the key aspect. This year she published her second book on social media.

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