EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


The Containerization of Information Places

A workshop by Konstantin Weiss

When creating digital places nowadays, information architects usually choose between two approaches. Either they duplicate information and interaction for each place, so that it is available in the right context. This may lead to problems like maintenance in the long run. Or they choose not to repeat information but link to it from other places, which lets users lose their context.

This workshop introduces the principles and methods of an alternative approach: the Container Based Information Architecture. It is based on the idea of packing content and interaction into containers which then can be stacked to digital places like websites or apps. Those containers can then be reordered, reappear, or adjust their appearance and function based on the place’s context. This approach has proven valuable for companies like The Guardian in order to keep up with information delivery as well as handling internal workflows and processes.

After introducing the principles, we will do hands-on tutorials using the ‘Containerist Starter Kit’, in order to explore the possibilities and power of this architectural approach. The workshop will be spiced up by real-life examples of how the container approach has been implemented already.

This workshop is for you…

  • If you like to build a lot with little
  • If you want to architect cross-channel experiences
  • If you need a common language between business, editors, designers and developers
  • If you need to reduce maintenance costs
  • If you have fun learning by hands-on fast prototyping

Session takeaways: expect to see our ordinary web from a different angle, and see an easier way to transform it to online and offline information places with a common foundation.

Konstantin Weiss

Konstantin Weiss

Since formulating the Container Model principles in 2011, Konstantin Weiss explores the power of container based information architecture. He shares his research and prototypes in writing and speaking. His second passion is combining storytelling and e-commerce. Konstantin is lead information architect at iA Inc., serving online stores, news publishers and designing big data applications. He enjoys budo, climbing and life in Zurich with his family.

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