EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


Improv.e UX: improving your soft skills with improv

A workshop by Raffaella Roviglioni and Alessio Ricco

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” — Ken Robinson

Learning to embrace failure by using mistakes to trigger creativity is just one powerful example of how improv exercises can help you become a better professional.

As UX practitioners, we need to cultivate a number of soft skills on a daily basis. Amongst others: empathy and deep listening, the ability to work effectively within a group, lateral thinking, storytelling and public speaking.

In improv theatre, actors need to manage the unexpected, working together to create a show without a script. The techniques they use are very valuable for tackling some of the skills we need to improve.

During the workshop, we will engage in games and exercises; there will be no spectators, since we will all be improv actors for a few hours!

Beware: it will be fun! Even more if you wear comfortable clothes and avoid high heels.

Raffaella Roviglioni

UX researcher and designer since 2009, Raffaella has a scientific background and told her story at EuroIA 2012.
Based in Rome, she works as a freelance and as partner of usertest/lab ( on national and international projects.
She coordinates the Rome UX Book Club and is an active member of the Italian Association for Information Architecture.

Alessio Ricco

Alessio is a senior mobile developer for Carma Carpooling, ScrumMaster, public speaker and improv actor.
He spoke at several international events and conferences about mobile and UX.
He played in several improv comedy shows in Italy and at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013.
He’s a member of Rome UX Book Club and a workshop facilitator for the Codesign JAM-Roma.

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