EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


Enterprise Design in Practice

A workshop by Milan Guenther and Dennis Middeke

Are you designing an innovative product or service, reshaping a complex organisation, or launching a breakthrough startup? Then you are probably facing what we call a Strategic Enterprise Design challenge: you are about to engage in an ambitious endeavour, seeking to achieve an outcome with a visible impact on reality: new customers or markets, better and leaner service delivery, engaged and productive staff or a fitting and visible brand might be among your list of intents.

To maximise your chances for success, you have to navigate a complex space of problems and potential solutions, work with experts from a wide range of fields and domains, draw up a coherent strategy that actually delivers when executed.

The Enterprise Design Framework is a set of tools to help enterprises realize the extraordinary contribution of design and architecture work to the success of an enterprise, aligning and linking relevant conceptual and creative fields. It enables organisations of all sizes to bridge strategic intent with tangible results, and aligning the conceptual thinking in between for a coherent outcome. Starting from people-centric aspects and practices such as customer and user experience, Milan and tbd will show how to align the various moving parts to deliver on an intended outcome.

Milan Guenther

Milan is managing partner at eda.c, a strategic design consultancy. He works with large players such as Google, SAP, Boeing, Toyota and the UN, as well as smaller organisations and startups. He is the author of the book INTERSECTION and organises the INTERSECTION Conference series on the emerging field of Enterprise Design. He also co-leads the Paris chapter IxDA.

Dennis Middeke

Dennis is a user experience researcher and designer. Dennis brings his design expertise to various industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace, logistics and telecommunications. He has worked since 2004 as an independent designer on interactive installations, digital brand projects and software products for large and medium-sized companies.

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