EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


Design for Human Interactions with Meaningful Metrics

A workshop by Marco Van Hout

In a quantifying world, the qualified self becomes ever more relevant. When it is less about the raw technology, but about the integration of that technology in society and people’s lives, how can we design for interactions that use the opportunities of data and quantification, and combine that with a focus on positive psychology instead of mere persuasion or just behavioral change?

As an interaction, information or user experience designer, you have the ability to empathize with users. You are programmed to want to make a positive impact with your solutions. However, current data driven consumer products and services often show a mismatch with people’s life goals, drivers and values. For long term impact on mood, well being, and ultimately happiness, more creativity, empathy and understanding is needed in our profession.

Session takeaways: in this workshop, you will learn the theories and steps/ methods you can turn to in order to design for positive impact and making metrics more meaningful by optimally using the opportunities of data-driven technology and the concepts of (positive) psychology to integrate it better in people’s lives. You will end the day with a prototype for happiness!

Marco Van Hout

Marco Van Hout

Passionate design professional and researcher with over 13 years of experience. For the past decade, Marco has been one of the main advocates of ‘emotion-driven design’ and emotional design. Currently, Marco is Lead design research of MediaLAB Amsterdam, founding partner of SusaGroup ( known for the development and implementation of emotion measurement tools and experience-driven design approaches), and board member of the Design & Emotion Society.

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