EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


Creating Musical Playlists For Public Spaces Using Ideas & Techniques from the IA field

A workshop by Xander Roozen

Public spaces like coffee bars, restaurants or airport lounges usually play music. Research shows that music can enhance the quality of the overall experience in these physical environments. How can can we work music into the world that surrounds us in order to create a great listening experience? In this workshop we focus on designing such a listening experience.

Sounds good, but why at the EuroIA? Music is one of the most popular types of online information and streaming services offer collections with millions of tracks. The future belongs to those who control the filtering, searching and sense-making tools we will rely on to navigate through the expanses of information. And IA’s play a crucial role.

In this hands-on session we will discover how to apply techniques, ideas and concepts coming from the field of IA.

Session takeaways: through lecture and activities, you will have worked on the design of a listening experience and you will have explored:

  • The context, people and systems involved in a listening experience;
  • Methods for conducting user (listener) research and feedback;
  • And of course the creation of a dynamic playlist.
Xander Roozen

Xander Roozen

I’m fascinated by the design challenges that come from linking things that couldn’t be linked before the Internet.

My original training is in Communication Science and I’m still passionate about all things media, online and off, but mostly on. And finally, I like to sit at the intersection of music and technology.

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