EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


Extra! Extra! Rethinking the Breaking News Experience

A talk by Mario Andrade

The world has never been as connected as it is today. For news organisations, now is an incredibly exciting time for them to explore new and better ways to reach their audiences. Of all the editorial areas, the coverage of breaking news stories is the one where the most meaningful improvements can be made. In this case study presentation I’ll talk about how we’ve approached the design of the breaking news experience of the new Guardian site.

Rethinking the breaking news experience meant taking an in-depth look at what makes these types of stories so unique and the value they bring to the Guardian readers. By examining three key unique characteristics of breaking news stories I’ll show the challenges and opportunities they’ve brought to the team and how they helped us develop each of the project features, from the breaking news site alert to the editorial tool that powers it.

From interviews, to usability testing, to eye-tracking tests, I will also show in this case study the various methods used to inform and validate our work with both Guardian readers and the editorial staff and how they’ve improved their experience of reading and covering breaking news stories.

Though there are still many opportunities ready to be explored, this was the Guardian’s first step in discovering what a breaking news experience can look like in today’s extremely connected world.

Mario Andrade

Hello, I’m Mário Andrade. I’m a user experience designer with a graphic and interaction design background. Currently I’m working at the Guardian helping to rethink its advertising experience.

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