EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September


Lightning - How to avoid falling for the dark side of UX

A talk by Karine Cardona

The good thing about UX design and IA in 2015 is that they are no longer unknown disciplines: everyone knows that if you want to work on Internet or mobiles apps you need to include a UX process in your roadmap. As a senior UX designer, you will get phone calls for jobs offers coming out of the blue. You might even seriously consider some of them.

But if you are not cautious you might fall for the dark side of UX design, the one leading you to anything but quality in your design. How to make sure we can build valuable solutions which will provide a good experience? Design solutions that we can be proud of? How to make sure we are safe on the path that leads to quality? This presentation will give you a frightening peek at the dark side and will provide you with a very simple set of rules to stay away from there. All rules will be illustrated with insightful examples (based on real Jedi’s fights). Follow these rules and you will be safe. Follow these and you will have a great time as a UX designer while yielding great work at the same time.

Karine Cardona

I graduated in Psychology, but my passion for the web in the early 90’s made me change my career soon after graduation. I chose the entrepreneurial path and launched my own web agency, in the early 2000s, when people started to talk about web accessibility. I worked for a long time as a Front-end Developer and Digital Manager, with small and large teams, and a number of different technologies, on web and mobile projects. Then I realized I could combine my knowledge in Psychology and my experience on IT field into a bigger picture: UX design. Working as a UX designer has been making me happy for some years now. Today I am focused on helping companies define their UX strategy to improve their products or services.

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