EuroIA 2015

Madrid, 24 – 26 September



Moments to remember of the EuroIA Summit

Over the years, a lot has been published about EuroIA. There are loads of presentations on Slideshare, lots of collected links on Lanyrd, and thousands of photos on Flickr. Here are some of these blogposts and image collections that will give you an idea of what has happened over the years.

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Brussels 2014 – the 10th anniversary

Nádia Ferreira’s best of:

As well our Bulgarian Country Ambassador Dimiter Simov again with his highlights:

Edinburgh 2013 – finally on the isle

Masterblogger, Martin Belam’s great report from EuroIA 2013 in Edinburgh

Rome 2012 – la dolce vita and IA are mixing perfectly

Our Bulgarian Country Ambassador, Dimiter Simov presents highlights from EuroIA 2012 in Rome

The ever-vigilant Martin Belam highlights five great talks from EuroIA 2012

Jan Jursa from IATV captures some fun-and-games during the EuroIA 2012 afterparty

Prague 2011 – first steps into eastern europe

Live tweeting preserved from Luke Wroblewski’s opening keynote at EuroIA 2011 in Prague

The (sadly) now defunct Johnny Holland e-zine has all the coverage on EuroIA 2011

Paris 2010 – visiting the city of lovers

Johnny Holland also covers EuroIA 2010

Cristiano Siri’s fabulous sketchnote set from EuroIA 2010 in Paris

Copenhagen 2009 – finally scandinavia

Johnny Holland reports from EuroIA 2009 in Copenhagen

Amsterdam 2008 – continuing the European capital roundtrip

Unofficial EuroIA historian, Martin Belam, blogs from EuroIA 2008 in Amsterdam

Great photo series from Stilmark Team from EuroIA 2008 in Amsterdam

Barcelona 2007 – our first visit to Spain

Martin Belam’s live blogging from EuroIA 2007 in Barcelona

How to (really) localize an information architecture, Peter van Dijck, BE

MobileMap Susan Webber, LBi, UK

Navigating the Long Tail: Adapting IA to Niche Markets, James Kalbach, US

Playful Information Architectures, Kars Alfrink, NL/DK

Berlin 2006 – a strong follow up

Lovely summary by informationsarkitekt from EuroIA 2006 in Berlin

Candid critique by Leisa Reichelt regarding EuroIA 2006 in Berlin

Steven Pemberton’s closing plenary at EuroIA 2006 in Berlin

Brussels 2005 – where it all started

The very first EuroIA blogpost from Wolf Nöding, reporting from Brussels in 2005